GSM Intrusion Alert System



The WT-1011RC Intruder Alart System can monitor 2 digital inputs. A SMS alarm message can be sent when inputs triggered. The user can also interrogate the inputs through SMS messaging.

This equipment will be used to receive trigger of 2 sensors whose DUTY CYCLE will be of 70 ms, also will be used to count the times of trigger of the sensors. It also prepared to counter pulses of DC=70 ms and T=1.16. When we have simultaneous in the 2 inputs, pulses of 70 ms (DUTY CLYCLE) and 1.16 seconds (Period) all the 2 inputs should count and to register the same quantities of pulses

The WT-1011RC also has 2 heavy-duty relay outputs can be used to switch on any application like lamps, pumps, heaters etc. Output Relay 1 can be permanently switched ON or OFF by calling its cell phone number, there is no call charges incurred when dialing the unit as it will recognize an authorized telephone number calling it and reject the call without answering. Output Relay 2 can be programmed to switch on for a pre-determined length of time by sending the WT-1011RC a text command.

For monitoring and remote control of equipments and machines that are able to provide dry contract signals. 2 digital outputs with pulse functions extend control functions. Suitable for door access control, On/Off equipment remotely, resetting of Routers, Network switches etc.

Some application examples are:- Machines, Standby Power Generator, Electrical Panels, Pumps, Uninterruptable Power Supplies, DC rectifier systems, Vending Machines, Fire Alarm Panels, Gas Monitoring Systems, ATM Machines, Security Systems, Fishery, Cold rooms, HVAC systems, Door Security, Networ



• Support Dual-Band or Quad-Band GSM network
• Monitoring through SMS mobile phone
• Alert notification via SMS (up to 8 administrator / SIM Card No)
• Activate Relay 1 with No Cost of Call
• Reduced administrative time and maintenance cost
• Simple SMS text command
• Programmable alert SMS contents
• Programmable alarm message sending interval (SMS will be sent repeatedly to the authorized personnel when alarm triggers)
• Power failure detection  
• Backup Lithium rechargeable battery
• Password protection  
• DC Opto-isolated input – when input is connected to 5V or 0V, WT-1011RC will send out SMS alert
• Relay output (NC: 20A@240VAC/28VDC NO: 30A@240VAC/28VDC)

Operating Voltage: 15VDC, 2W  
Current Consumption: 70mA idle, +60mA per active relay  
Number of Inputs: 2 Digital Inputs  
Number of Outputs: 2
Relay Outputs  Relay Contact Capacity: NC: 20A @ 240VAC/28VDC,                                                               

NO: 30A @ 240VAC/28VDC
Frequency Band: 900/1800 MHz or 850/900/1800/1900 MHz  
Humidity: Less than 80% RH  
Operating Temperature: 0ºC to 55ºC  
Security Features: Password Protected access and phone number checks  
System Health Check: Remote health check feature via SMS  
Indicators: Power, Telco Network, Signal Low  
Repeat SMS of Alarms: User Configurable
 I/O Interface: 3.8mm pitch pluggable screw terminal block  
Output pulse capability: Yes


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